(Janey Rae)

This is a story about a little girl with a big personality.  This girl is very determined and strong in spirit.  Ever since she was just a tiny baby, people have loved being around her.  That happy and fun personality is contagious!  Her smile can brighten the darkest day.  
This girl loves to have adventures.  She and her brother fight bad guys with the Power Rangers and explore jungles with Diego.  Some days she cares for Ella and Lilly and other dolls with her sister.  Or they might draw grand works of art with chalk on the driveway.  She becomes an awesome architect when she builds with Legos.  She is a princess when she dances at the ball with King Dad, and a professional singer with her famous Mom. 
This girl is very talented.  She sings beautifully.  Her dance moves are rockin'.  She loves to perform.  She has a fabulous memory.  She gives the best hugs and is a Super Snuggler.  Most importantly, she is a wonderful friend and loves to encourage and cheer people on.
This girl is happy, and she eagerly shares her brightness and joy with others so they can be happy too.  She is excited about life and the adventures ahead.
This girl is good.  She loves God and Jesus.  She especially loves her family.  She loves her friends and teachers and everyone around her.  She absolutely loves love!
This girl is very special.  She is cherished by her mom and dad and brother and sister.  Her nicknames are Raesta, Janesteroons, Pumpkin and Li'l Peanut.  Maybe you've guessed who this girl is.  Her name is Janey.  Sometimes we think that means goofy or clown.  Other times we think it means dramatic or sweet or crazy.  Mostly, we know that 


Perfect love

Perfect love, purest love
Breaking through my anguish.
Precious love, endless love
His love never fails me!

He leads my heart when my eyes can’t see;
When my soul is lost, He carries me.
He comforts me in all my pain,
And so I trust in His perfect love.

Perfect love, surest love
Grace beyond my failings.
Deepest love, truest love
Strong enough to save me!


It calms my fears,
And peace breathes thru me;
He moves me.
And He knows my heart even when I doubt;
He reaches me when I need Him most.
He rescues me from all my shame.
He lifts me up

In His perfect love.


2013 Review

Hello all!
I finally got this slideshow done, so you can see what we've been up to this year!
It is pretty long if you just let it play--about 30 minutes--but totally worth it...
and I'm not biased at all!
Love you!  Enjoy!

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